Meet Special Needs Cat Monty

I like to highlight my fellow special needs cats. Monty is one of those kitties. You see, Monty has a genetic condition that causes him to be different than other kitties.

Monty was surrendered to a shelter when his human had too many felines to take care of. The humans who Monty went to already had two felines in the home, and one of them was a special needs cat with three legs. But when they saw Monty, they knew they needed to bring him into their life.

Monty, you see, was born with genetic abnormalities which caused him to be born without a nasal bridge. This means he does not have a nasal bone. The human’s mother calls Jacey and Marley flat nosed cats which annoys the human. I wonder what she would say about Monty’s nose.

Monty is a Loving Special Needs Cat
Monty is a Loving Special Needs Cat

Monty also has a problem where his bladder leaks from time to time when he is asleep. It is not too bad, just a few drops, and it only happens a few times a month.

These challenges do not affect Monty’s ability to be a loving and furiendly feline. In that way, he is like many of us special needs cats. When he was in the shelter, instead of fighting with some of the more aggressive cats, Monty just walked away.

That trait carries over to you two legged creatures. Even if he is not happy, he will meow instead of taking a swat at you. This is something that cannot be said about me! Just ask the human about what happened when he put me in a carrier AGAIN yesterday and what I did.

My Fellow Special Needs Cat Monty on the Bed
My Fellow Special Needs Cat Monty on the Bed

Monty is also a bit of a lap cat, and he loves to snuggle with his humans when they go to sleep. He will stay there until his humans wake up, and then he will reluctantly get up and hop off the bed.

You see, my furiends, Monty is just like the rest of us special needs cats. We may have some challenges, but for the right human, we are perfect even though we have those challenges. I am happy that Monty is showing the world that special needs kitties can be great companions!

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