A Dramatic Trip for Bagheera

“Human, I am not happy with you.”

“I know, Bagheera. Boy, do I know.”

“Well, then, why did you do it?”

“Bagheera, look. I took you to a place you liked being in, and a place where you were very nice to many people. You and Jacey even played around in it and liked it. You are the two cats who helped break in The Cat Cafe so I figured you would enjoy a trip back!”

“That was when it was just me and Jacey. There were other cats there, human, and I did not know them.”

“It’s not like you took the chance to get to know them, Bagheera. Some of them wanted to say hi to you and you were very unhappy with them. I don’t think I’ve seen you growl and hiss so much. You know getting like that is bad for a diabetic cat.”

“Well, I blame you, human. You’re the one who took a diabetic cat there to get stressed out.”

“Bagheera, I didn’t want to stress you out. I wanted you to play with the people there and to have fun, just like you did in that video! Why couldn’t you be like Jacey?”

“It didn’t work, human. Jacey is very sweet and she is much less likely to get angry. She told me she stayed and played after I went back home.”

Jacey Observing a New Space
Jacey Observing a New Space

“Yes, Bagheera. That is what happened with Jacey. And everyone loved her and thought she was cute. They would have loved you and thought you were handsome, but you didn’t give them the chance. It would have been a good way to highlight how cool diabetic cats like you are.”

“Well, maybe if you let me know next time, human. But do not put me in the crate for a while. Okay?”

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3 Replies to “A Dramatic Trip for Bagheera”

  1. Awwww poor sweet Bagheera! How could daddy do this to you since he know what stress does to your blood sugar??? I do understand you because I´m a diabetic myself so I know what stress does to the blood sugar. Hope it is back to normal now and that you don´t need to go on other trips like this! Love you sweet Bagheera! <3 Tell daddy to be kind to you 😉

      1. Of course he wouldn´t do anything to hurt you. Anyway next time he knows you don´t like all the others around! <3 <3 <3 I do know your human loves you very much! =) <3

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