Meet Diabetic Cat Dr. Watson

I love to highlight my fellow diabetic cats. I like showing you kind humans that while we do require more attention than cats who do not battle the disease we share, we can be loving and happy companions for the right human.

Today I want to introduce you to a diabetic cat named Dr. Watson. I learned about him from Diabetic Cats in Need. Dr. Watson is looking to leave the kind humans who care for him at Fancy Cats Rescue Team for a furever home.

My Fellow Diabetic Cat Dr. Watson
My Fellow Diabetic Cat Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson has an outsized personality, or should I say purrsonality, despite his smaller size. Being a diabetic cat is just one of the things that makes it more difficult for him to find a good home. You see, Dr. Watson is a little like my foster sisfur Marley. He does not like other felines.

It is actually better if Dr. Watson is an only cat, anyway. Sadly, he has been front paw declawed and does not have the tools he needs to defend himself from other felines.

Dr. Watson also will need a diet that is more specialized that most diabetic cats. We typically need a high protein diet but Dr. Watson needs one that is more specialized because he has irritable bowel disease. He gets a specific type of noms, and his human will have to make sure that continues.  In addition to this, Dr. Watson will need the insulin shots and ear sticks that most diabetic cats must endure.

Dr. Watson Is a Talkative Cat
Dr. Watson Is a Talkative Cat

If you are the kind human who gives Dr. Watson the home of his own that he clearly needs, he will reward you in his own way. You see, this diabetic cat is a talker, and he loves to communicate with humans.

This special feline is located in Virginia, but Fancy Cats Rescue Team will transport him anywhere in the United States for the right human. If that is you, please contact Fancy Cats Rescue Team.

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2 Replies to “Meet Diabetic Cat Dr. Watson”

  1. What gorgeous eyes and a cute name for a handsome mancat Dr. Watson is! Paws crossed this chatty and sweet guy finds his perfect match and forever home soon.

  2. Awww what a sweet boy! I shared this and hope someone see this lovely beautiful boy! <3 Keeping fingers and paws crossed here that it succeeds! He do really need to get a forever loving home! <3 <3 <3

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