Senior Cat Is Saved

Furiends, I do not know how some humans can live with themselves. I learned through my good furiend Lucky about a feline who had been a companion for a human for 18 years. This feline, furiends, was dumped at a high kill shelter.

At first, the human even pretended that she was not part of the family, claiming the cat was a stray. Can you believe that? Lying about a feline who had been part of your family for 18 years?

Fortunately, the humans at the shelter were able to work with a cat rescue group to get her out of the shelter, where she is looking for a new home. This feline was named Viejo. If you know Spanish, even if it is as bad as the human’s Spanish, you know this means old.

Vala Saved by Cat Rescue Group Golden Paws

The cat rescue group that took in this senior kitty decided that name would not do. She has since been renamed Vala, which means the chosen one. And now, the Golden Paw Society, which is the cat rescue group that saved Vala, is trying to find this girl a good home where she will not be at risk of being dumped in a shelter.

Vala, in addition to being a senior kitty, is also a special needs cat. She has hyperthyroidism, and is on daily medication for this condition. The humans in white coats are giving her a full examination, and there may be other conditions that come up.

Vala is also very thin, and she is getting noms to help her gain weight back. It is possible she lost weight due to the hyperthyroidism.

I am glad that there was a cat rescue group who was able to save Vala from an almost certain death, my furiends. I do not understand how humans can be so unkind to a feline who has loved them for 18 years!

If you want to help the Golden Paw Society with green paper things in Vala’s name, they would love it. Please share her story and hopefully, many humans will help. One may even give Vala the home she deserves!

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6 Replies to “Senior Cat Is Saved”

  1. I do not condone what Vala’s people did to her, but on the other hand, I can understand not being able to afford a kitty with special needs. In this day, with pay rates being so low and the cost of living so high, all the sudden being hit with continuing pet medical bills could be very strenuous on any family.
    I think if I had been in Vala’s families position, I would try to find help from family, friends, or other resources so I would be able to keep my cat. I wish there were more institutions out there that could provide low cost vet care. It is especially hard to find any help in rural areas.
    Again, I don’t agree with how the family handled the situation, but I don’t find this story as upsetting as the one of the vet tech shooting feral cats with a bow and arrow. That story just made my blood boil in anger.

    1. What I do not like is how the humans who were supposed to care for her lied about her being a stray. They should have told the shelter why they were surrendering her, and that would have been okay. It is difficult to care for a special needs cat, and I understand if they did not have enough green paper things. But they should not have lied about her being a stray!

  2. OMG how awful done of that family or human!!! Gush how can anyone do anything like this for am old baby, friend, loved one???? This is just unthinkable for me! I´m crying for her to have to go through this. But maybe and I must say hopefully she will get a new home where she will be loved until they part! :'( Poor sweet Vala! Wish I could take care of you! <3 <3 <3

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