Hawthorne Needs a Good Home

Hello, everyone. I hope you are looking forward to the end of the work week. I keep asking the human how come his work week never seems to end, and he tells me that if I want to continue to receive noms and to hear about felines being adopted, he must continue to work.

One thing that would make me happy this weekend is to hear the news that a feline from Michigan Cat Rescue has found a home. His name is Hawthorne.

Hawthorne Is Available From Michigan Cat Rescue
Hawthorne Is Available From Michigan Cat Rescue

Poor Hawthorne lost the human who cared for and loved him suddenly, and then he went to Michigan Cat Rescue. Without them, he would not have had a place to go. This guy is an interesting mix of feline breeds. He is a mix between a Persian and a Maine coon.

Hawthorne is a very furiendly cat, who loves to receive attention and who will reward the kind humans who adopt him from Michigan Cat Rescue with head bonks and purrs. And when he gets the purr motor going, it goes for a while.

Michigan Cat Rescue's Hawthorne Loves to Purr
Michigan Cat Rescue’s Hawthorne Loves to Purr

Because Hawthorne had some matting in his fur, he has been professionally groomed. That means this handsome boy has a lion cut, although he probably is a little embarrassed by his appearance right now. Do not let that deter you if you are the right person for him.

Michigan Cat Rescue has made sure that Hawthorne is up to date on all of his shots. He was tested for FIV and FELV and he was cleared on both. And you do not have to worry about him scratching your furniture or going outside of the litter box, because he loves his scratching post and has no litter box problems.

Furiends, if you live in Michigan and would like to take this kind and handsome kitty home, please contact Michigan Cat Rescue. If you are not, please share his story so he can find a good home.

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