Creamsicle Needs Our Help

Animal abuse is a horrible thing, and I know that all of you share my disgust when you hear about it. It is even worse when the animal abuse is a result of humans being irresponsible and then abusing the animal for this.

That is what happened to Creamsicle, who is being cared for by Michigan Cat Rescue. Creamsicle was not spayed. Then when she became pregnant, the cruel, evil, and irresponsible humans who neglected to do this abused her after she had kittens.

Creamsicle Was Saved by Michigan Cat Rescue
Creamsicle Was Saved by Michigan Cat Rescue

Fortunately, this is where the abuse ended, with Michigan Cat Rescue stepping in to care for her. The abuse Creamsicle endured, however, caused trauma to her eyes. She went to see one of the humans in white coats who specializes in this,

The white coated human gave Michigan Cat Rescue some bad news about her condition. Creamsicle’s right eye has a severe cataract, and she is blind in that eye. The eye will have to be removed because there is a high risk of a cancer developing if it is not.

Creamsicle’s left eye also has problems. There is nerve damage to this eye, which likely came about as a result of the abuse from the cruel and evil humans who abused her. She likely has very little vision out of this eye.

On top of this, Creamsicle has a growth on her shoulder, and her jaw is not symmetrical. This again may have been caused by the abuse she suffered.

Michigan Cat Rescue Will Help Creamsicle
Michigan Cat Rescue Will Help Creamsicle

Creamsicle will have to go back to the humans in white coats to have her eye removed, as well as the mass on her shoulder. She will also be spayed, which would have been done a while ago if the evil humans who abused her were responsible ones.

Please send healing thoughts to Creamsicle. She is safe now, and Michigan Cat Rescue will do everything they can to make sure she gets the home she deserves, where she will be loved and cared for by kind humans. And if you can spare some green paper things, please send them to Michigan Cat Rescue.

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2 Replies to “Creamsicle Needs Our Help”

  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!! :'( :'( How can humans be so cruel! OMG happy she is rescued from those evil bastards! Sharing this site in the hope that some of my friends would have some green paper things to give. Poor sweet baby! Hope she won´t suffer much during the operation and afterwards. Keeping her in my prayers and keeping fingers and paws crossed! <3

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