Sad Cat Becomes Happy

Some humans say we felines do not have feelings and emotions. You all know better. You know that when I am angry, even the human is not safe from me. And when I am feeling happy and loving, I am a very playful cat.

I cannot think of a feline who would be sadder than one who lost her kittens. That is what happened to poor Mikey. You see, Mikey had three kittens, who were born too early. One by one, they left us. When the last one left us, Mikey frantically searched for her kittens, and was very sad when she could not find them.

Looking for help, Mikey’s human contacted Dori’s Darlings, which is a cat rescue group in Houston. Mikey was the answer to a huge problem for them.

You see, right now, many cat rescue groups have lots of kittens. Some of them are orphaned and must be fed around the clock by kind humans. It is very challenging for cat rescue groups to find enough humans to do the work of the feline mothers!

Dori’s Darlings is no different. They had recently received three orphaned kittens who had their umbilical cords still attached. And when they learned about Mikey, they decided that they could help both the kittens and Mikey.

Cat Rescue Group Dori's Darlings Links Orphaned Kittens and Grieving Mother Cat
Mikey With Her Adopted Kittens

They brought the kittens to Mikey, and talked to her to make her feel comfortable. Then very carefully, the cat rescue volunteers put the kittens in front of Mikey.

Cat Rescue Group Dori's Darlings Links Orphaned Kittens and Grieving Mother Cat
Mikey Nursing

Immediately, Mikey started licking and hugging the kittens. In just a few minutes, she allowed them to nurse from her. Mikey soon fell asleep with her adopted kittens, and that is when the cat rescue knew that they had found a good mother for their kittens.

These kittens would have been okay without Mikey, but it is unclear if Mikey would have been okay without them. I am not sure who the lucky cat is in this cat rescue story. Is it the kittens who found a mother, the grieving mother who found kittens to adopt, or both?

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2 Replies to “Sad Cat Becomes Happy”

  1. What a beautiful story Bagheera . You and your human always find stories to warm my heart.
    Today is not a good day for me or my boyfriend. We lost our Abby last night. She had Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and a blood clot paralized her hind legs in addition she had clots in her lungs as well. We found her on Craig’s List and believe the people knew she was sick and that is why they gave her away. She was beautiful, an indoor cat with a personailty as bright as the sun! When we found out Abby had a heart condition we wanted her to be a cat and live her life as fully as possible. She was five and we had her for her last three years. I hope one day you will write about this disease and I will gladly provide a photos of Abby. She has her own facebook page with over 2,500 followers. Take care Bagheera.

    1. I will share Abby’s story in the next few days. I am always happy to share stories of other special needs cats. Can you share her Facebook page with me?

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