Sisters Raise Kittens Together

Siblings are very close to each other. The human is close to his brother, even though they are separated by three time zones. That is the way it is for felines as well. But the bond between the two feline sisters I am about to share with you is truly amazing.

Two black and white cats were surrendered to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association. These two sister cats were carrying kittens when they were surrendered. Kanji and Sushii, as these two were known, gave birth to litters at the same time.

Kanji and Sushi Share a Special Bond
Kanji and Sushi Share a Special Bond

This of course is remarkable, but what these two sister cats did after giving birth is what makes this story very special.

The two sister cats gave birth to litters of six. That meant that there were twelve tiny felines to take care of. Furiends, that is a lot of kittens, especially when you consider that newborn kittens require care around the clock!

Well, Kanji and Sushii decided that they would help each other out. When one needs help with their litter, the other one steps in. Furiends, they even help each other with feeding the kittens! This is true love and it shows a very strong bond between the two sister cats.

Sister Cats Kanji and Sushii with Their Litters
Sister Cats Kanji and Sushii with Their Litters

For now, the kittens are just tiny furballs who want noms and warmth and attention from their mother or aunt. But when they get old enough, they will be fixed and then they will go to their furever homes.

Eventually, the two sisters will go to their furever homes as well. And because they have shown such a strong bond, they will have to go to the same home. It only makes sense. How could this pair of sister cats be separated when they have shown that they are bonded so tightly.

It makes me very happy to share this story of sisterly love with you. I hope it makes you happy, too!

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