Wonder Cat Escapes Coyote

It is best for us felines to be indoor only cats. Indoor only cats live a lot longer than felines who go outside. Cats like me, Jacey, and Marley have much longer lives than outdoor felines. We typically live 12 to 20 years, and outdoor cats have lives from one to five years.

One risk that outdoor cats face which indoor cats do not is being attacked by predators. You might think, but you cats are very good hunters, how could predators be a problem? Well, we are very good at hunting prey, but we are also prey for larger animals.

This is what happened to a feline named Piper, who is also known as The Wonder Cat. A coyote captured Piper, who was about to become another outdoor cat who was killed by a predator. But then one of the humans with badges saw the coyote. He wondered what was going on. When he shined a bright light on the coyote, it dropped Piper and ran away.

Former Outdoor Cat Piper Is Recovering
Former Outdoor Cat Piper Is Recovering

Piper is a survivor, my furiends. His entire litter, including his mother, was killed in a dog attack. Somehow Piper survived that and he survived the coyote as well.

Piper is not in good shape. He had to be treated by the humans in white coats, and he is recovering from an eight inch wound on his back, one on his stomach, and a jaw that had to be wired shut. But he is lucky, because he will recover.

Piper Will Stay Inside With These Humans
Piper Will Stay Inside With These Humans

And his human has learned a very important lesson. Piper will be an outdoor cat no more. Piper’s human says that the perils of Piper going outside are now very clear, and that he will spend the rest of his days indoors.

I am glad that Piper’s human learned this lesson, but think about how close it came to being a tragic one. If one of the humans in badges hadn’t been in the right place at the right time, Piper would be no more.

And do not forget, for outdoor cats, sometimes, the worst predators are the ones who walk on two legs. Just ask my furiend Lucky or another other victim of animal abuse.

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