Jacey’s Unusual Habit

My sisfur Jacey is an entertaining feline. She will play the ambush game with me, Marley, and the human. You might wonder how she plays the ambush game with the human. Remember, the human lives with three smart bengal cats. What Jacey does is to wait until he goes to sleep, and then she ambushes him by pouncing on his toes and biting them!

Marley and I snicker at these antics but we do not like it when Jacey ambushes us. She doesn’t do this to be mean. Instead, it is the way many of us bengal cats like to play. And like many other bengal cats, we like to open drawers and cabinets. We know where the noms are, and the human will often come home to find those drawers and cabinets open. Now if only we could figure out how to open the cans!

Most of Jacey’s unusual behavior just gets a sigh from the human. He knew this is what to expect with bengal cats, and he tolerates it. But lately, Jacey is doing something strange, even for bengal cats.

Bengal Cat in Sink
A Bengal cat in the sink

Jacey has started to pee in the bathroom sink instead of the litter box. The human does not like this, but he says that if she had to pick a place to go where she should not, he is glad it is there. At least all he has to do is wash his hands after using the watery liter box, and all of her mess goes down the drain.

Cat Exploring Sink
Cat Exploring Sink

Jacey does not show any signs of other problems. For example, she does not have any blood in the urine or clean herself there excessively. She is due for a trip to the humans in white coats, and the human will have this checked just in case.

What do you humans think of this? Is something wrong with Jacey or is this just another one of her silly bengal cat antics?

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