An Update on Creamsicle

I shared with you the story of Creamsicle, who was abused by irresponsible and evil humans because she became pregnant. If those cruel and evil humans had done the right thing and had her spayed, it would not have been a problem. And then to abuse her after that? I wish we could lock those evil humans in a cage with large cats, and let the large cats abuse them!

It is very good that Michigan Cat Rescue found out about Creamsicle and took her under their care. She was seen by the humans in white coats, and she was scheduled to have surgery on her eye because of serious damage to it. She will also have a growth removed from her shoulder.

Creamsicle Was Saved by Michigan Cat Rescue
Creamsicle Was Saved by Michigan Cat Rescue

During the routine blood work that the humans in white coats do before surgery, Michigan Cat Rescue got some more bad news about this sweet girl. Creamsicle also has some issues with her immune system. The amount of neglect and abuse this poor girl has endured is heartbreaking.

It will come as no surprise that Creamsicle’s care will cost Michigan Cat Rescue a lot. They are a small volunteer organization that does a lot of good work for many felines on a small budget.

Michigan Cat Rescue has committed itself to making sure Creamsicle gets all of the care she needs in order to live the happy life she deserves. But they can use some green paper things. Now I know why the human works so hard to get these — they can help save a life like Creamsicle’s!

Michigan Cat Rescue Will Help Creamsicle
Michigan Cat Rescue Will Help Creamsicle

If you can spare a few green paper things for Creamsicle, please do. If you cannot, please send this girl healing thoughts and be sure to spread her story. She deserves a chance to live in a home full of love where she can forget all about the abuse she endured.

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  1. Awwww poor sweet girl! So wish I had lots of green paper things to give to help her. Since I don´t have I just share her story and pray for her to find a forever loving home and that she will be fine and it doesn´t take too long! Poor sweetie. Good she was saed from the abusers! Wish I was able to hang them up a tree with lots of kittys underneath ready to take a taste…

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