Jacey Talks About Her Trip

“Welcome back home, Jacey.”

“Thank you, Bagheera. I am glad I am home.”

“Did the human take you to the place where there are white coated humans, Jacey?”

“Yes, he did, Bagheera.”

“I hope you swatted him and bit him, Jacey. He must be punished for doing this. I know you were complaining from the second you got out of our door and I hope you complained all the time. And then bit and swatted him.”

Jacey Was Like This at the White Coated Humans
Jacey Was Like This at the White Coated Humans

“No, Bagheera, I am not like that. I do not like to be mean to the human even if he deserves it. And I do not know why you do not like the place where the humans in white coats are. It is fun to play there, Bagheera!”

“What do you mean, Jacey?”

“Well, in the waiting area, there was a canine that was interested in talking to me. He strained on his leash to get near my carrier, and then he stuck out his big, sloppy canine tongue to say hello. I did not want to get licked by that huge, sloppy tongue but I let him lick my paw.”

Jacey Let a Canine Do This to Her
Jacey Let a Canine Do This to Her

“Jacey, I will talk to the human about this. Exposing you to a canine like that?”

“Relax, Bagheera. That was a furiendly canine. And he could not get me in my carrier. I was safe. And then, when we went into the room, I hopped out of the carrier and on top of the cabinet. Then I hopped down and opened the cabinet and the white coated humans were amazed.”

“You do that all the time around here, Jacey.”

Jacey Does This a Lot
Jacey Does This a Lot

“That is what the human said. The white coated humans shook their heads and asked how the human lives with this. He said that we drive him crazy but he loves us.”

“Did they stick a needle in you, Jacey?”

“Yes, and that is the only part I did not like. But it only bothered me for a few seconds. And when they were done, they petted me and told me how pretty and sweet I am. You see, Bagheera, the humans in white coats are nice and love us felines. You just have to know that they do not want to hurt you and that if they do inflict some pain, it is for your own good.”

“Well, you can be nice like that, Jacey, but I do not plan on it.”

What do you think, kind humans. Should I be more like Jacey when I visit the humans in white coats? Or should she be more like me?

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2 Replies to “Jacey Talks About Her Trip”

  1. I understand how you feel Bagheera- no one likes to go to the humans in white coats, but they really are just trying to help you so you remain healthy to live a long life of being waited on by your human/slave. My kitties threaten to punish me at times when they are put in their carriers to go to their white coated human, and at times they have, yet most of the time once we return home and they’ve had a chance relax then they realize it wasn’t so bad. I think Jacey makes some good points and handles herself sensibly, perhaps you could try her method next time you must go to the humans in white coats to see how you feel?
    I understand the white coated human’s amusement at Jacey opening cabinets and drawers with her paw- I adore this! Clove is not a Bengal but she uses her front paws to let me know when she’s hungry or wants attention. Cats are so sassy, sweet, and stubborn- a combo I find endearing.

    1. I do not get as angry at the humans in white coats as I used to. It used to take the human, and two white coated humans to hold me so I could get my blood drawn. And forget about examining me. Now I get annoyed but do not get too mad until it goes on for too long.

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