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I shared with you the story of Creamsicle, who Michigan Cat Rescue is taking care of. This poor feline was never spayed, and then the irresponsible humans who were supposed to care for her abused her after she got pregnant. Animal abuse is always wrong and I do not understand how cruel and evil humans can do this. But when the behavior the evil humans do not like is due to their irresponsibility, that makes it even worse.

Creamsicle went to the humans in white coats for surgery, and additional health problems were found. Michigan Cat Rescue remained committed to making sure that Creamsicle would have a chance to live with kind humans who love her instead of evil humans who are animal abusers.
Creamsicle Is Being Cared for by Michigan Cat Rescue

I am happy to tell you that the surgery for Creamsicle went well. She is recovering from having her eye removed. The humans in white coats also gave her antibiotics and eye drops for her remaining eye. She was also given medication for a digestive disorder.

Creamsicle is handling the surgery and recovering like the tough and brave feline she is. Her spirits are good, and she is starting to nom more. I am sure her spirits will improve even more as she learns that her life is going to get a lot better.

The Cone is No Problem For Tough and Brave Creamsicle
The Cone is No Problem For Tough and Brave Creamsicle

There is going to be one more trip to the humans in white coats for one more surgery. Michigan Cat Rescue will have her spayed as soon as she recovers from this surgery. If the irresponsible, evil, and cruel humans who were supposed to care for her had done this like they should have, none of this would have happened!

Please send healing thoughts to Creamsicle and let her know that her life is going to continue to get even better. I think she is learning this because of the work Michigan Cat Rescue has done and I am sure when she finds a kind human to care for her, she will know it even more.

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  1. Awww sweetest Creamsicle! Wish I lived closer so I could´ve given her a good and loving home. Shared it on my side to let others know she is around and would need someone to help and take care of her! She is so beautiful! Wishing all the best for her, keeping her in my prayers and keeping fingers and paws crossed for her here at our place! <3

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