Como’s Happy Cat Rescue

In January, one of my fellow bengals was picked up by the Central Missouri Humane Society. Como, as this bengal cat was later named, was clearly a deserving kitty. But his cat rescue was going to be a difficult and complicated one because he had an advanced eye infection.

Cat Rescue Groups Help Como
Como Was In Bad Shape

The staff badly wanted to help Como, because he was a loving, playful, and fun bengal cat. But they did not have the resources to help him. That is when they contacted a cat rescue group specializing in bengals like me, the Bengal Rescue Network.

Como received treatment and went to live in a foster home thanks to the work that the Bengal Rescue Network did. But his treatment required many green paper things. A fundraising campaign to pay for Como’s medical expenses was very successful, raising $929 even though the goal was only $450.

And the extra money was needed. Como, in addition to the eye infection, was found to have been infected with FIV. He also had some growths that needed to be removed and was in need of dental care.

Cat Rescue Groups Helped Como
Como After Surgery

The growths were examined after they were removed, and they were found to be benign. That is good news. Como’s eyes continued to recover, and he continued to act like the playful and loving cat that he was. It took a while, but the recovery phase of this cat rescue was finally complete.

Then came the happiest part of any cat rescue — finding a furever home for the rescued cat. Bengal Rescue Network works very hard to make sure anyone taking in a bengal is ready for our behavior. The human loves me, Jacey, and Marley, but sometimes, we drive even him crazy!

It took a lot of work, but Bengal Rescue Network identified a human who was a good match. And then Como left his foster home for his furever home.

This happy cat rescue would not have been possible without many humans working very hard to help Como. I am glad that so many humans cared about my fellow bengal cat, and I am very happy he is in a good home!

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