Cat Rescued Near Fox River

A human was traveling to an event when they saw a brave feline crossing the busy bridge that crosses the Fox River in Wisconsin. This brave feline came within a few feet of death, as a large truck passed right over her before it could be stopped.

Foxy Lady's Cat Rescue Happened By the Fox River
Foxy Lady’s Cat Rescue Happened By the Fox River

The human who would later save this feline stopped right before hitting the feline, who ran into bushes down by the river. That is when the human decided a cat rescue was going to happen. But because a lot of traffic was being held up and the human had to go to an event, it would have to wait. Promising to come back, this human told the feline to wait.

After the event, this human head right back to the place where they committed to the cat rescue. Meowing to the cat, they waited for a response, and soon got one. But then the human moved in too quickly for the cat, and it went hiding in the bushes.

The human was determined to see this cat rescue through, so they slowly approached and meowed again. Then they stuck their hand out for the feline to sniff. Once the feline was close enough, the human quickly picked up the feline, almost falling into the river in the process.

Next was a trip to the humans in white coats for this rescued feline. She needed treatment for worms, ear mites, and an eye infection. The cat, who came to be known as Foxy Lady, endured these treatments and recovered to become a healthy and happy cat.

Now she is in a home, safe from traffic and the river. She is loved and the human who risked herself to save Foxy Lady is very happy to have her in the home. What a kind human to carry out this cat rescue and to keep her promise to the feline!

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