Marley Is Being a Silly Girl

I have shared stories of my foster sisfur Marley with you a few times. She is a pretty snow bengal cat with very pretty blue eyes, but lately, she has been very silly. I guess I have to admit that I am partially to blame for these antics.

You see, sometimes, Marley is brave, and wanders around the entire apartment! She even walked all the way from living room, where her crate is, to the place where the human tortures himself with the watery spray every morning.

And she did not get scared when I wandered out of the bedroom, and into the hallway. Marley may be small, but she is a bengal cat and she has the agility all of us do. She hopped onto the top of the half wall, and then onto the kitchen counter, and then back into her crate.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Visitor Marley
Marley Nomming

Marley also will walk over to the couch when the human is sitting on it, and she will flop around and roll all over. She will do this even if Jacey and I are nearby.

But then she does some silly things and acts like a scared cat.

Snow Bengal Cat Marley Exploring Her New Space
Snow Bengal Cat Marley In Her Crate

I thought that Marley was open to me and Jacey interacting with her more because of things like this. I decided, well, if she does not mind me, I will walk into her crate. This, my furiends, did not turn out well.

Marley got very mad and started to growl and hiss at me. I did not like this, so I talked loudly to her to tell her to be quiet. She responded by growling more loudly and I responded by thumping my paws on her cat tree. It got so bad that the human had to step in to break us up. He did not want to stick his hands in there. He used a hockey stick, which I attacked!

I do not know what Marley is trying to tell us, furiends. I figured that my fellow bengal cat and foster sisfur was showing signs that she was happy with us. But apparently, that was not the case. What do you kind humans think we should do?

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5 Replies to “Marley Is Being a Silly Girl”

  1. Obviously Marley still need her own space and that is just to be hers and no one elses. Think she see it as her safe place where she is to go when she want to be alone. She otherwise is feeling ok with you, but that space need to be hers. just one problem for you friends to understand that… <3 <3 <3 xxx Best of luck with it dear friends! <3

    1. I do not understand why she feels the need to have a space of her own. After all, we share the rest of our home with her. She should be more welcoming. Do you think if the human took the crate down she would stop depending on it?

  2. I agree with Betta some cats need their own safe space, the amount of time depends- it may be something they eventually outgrow as confidence builds or it might be forever.
    My Kaspars has his own safe space up on a high cat perch where his bed sits. No one else is allowed there and he is angry if they attempt to.
    I don’t know what Marley’s history is and why she has such a hard time trusting except I am certain she suffered some early trauma in her life as I have been through this with Kaspars my former feral/foster fail, Clove and angel Černy who were physically abused, and Livy who was rescued from a hoarding situation. The amount of time each took to learn confidence, trust and integrate more in to the family varied: Livy was the fastest at 6 months, Černy about 4 years, Kaspars has been with us 11 years and while coming a long way still wants his space and probably always will, and Clove has been here one year tomorrow and I would say is a work in progress.
    I wouldn’t take her crate away, she has come so far in the past year alone that doing so now could backfire and cause her to regress. She is out more, learning to trust everyone and knowing her special safe space is there has allowed her to build the confidence so far to venture out. Bagheera and Jacey are smart and can read her signals to stay out of her space, so I don’t think there will be any future spats.
    I think there are times having kitties with the kind of special needs Marley has are more difficult to deal with than ones with medical needs like Bagheera and my angel Phoebe. We want so much as cat lovers/slaves to bond, cuddle, snuggle our cats so it is hard when they have trust issues and rarely show these behaviors.
    The key word is patience and while I struggle and dislike having it at times, I remind myself of the successes and milestones of my current scaredy cat and past ones and the joy, pride and love felt when they occurred. There’s nothing like it and trust me, both your bond with Marley and her bond with you will be amongst the deepest you have ever felt with anyone: feline or human. Kaspars trust in our family compared to strangers is evident and he shows his appreciation and love with affection and a fierce protectiveness almost like that of a dog. He makes his security rounds of the yard each morning and when any other species enters in his presence near us, he will run over and growl at them to let them know he is watching closely! Everyone (after being reassured and seeing that he is not going to attack them!) laughs and comments on how cute and devoted he is.
    Allowing Marley to have her crate may be annoying when it comes to having it set up and taking up space, but I assure you any inconveniences or impatient desires to have her assimilate will be worth it as time passes. Patience is a test for all of us in life and no fun at times, just hang in there and remember you are not alone in your feelings. Anytime you wish to discuss, rant, question we are happy to listen, as these are still feelings I struggle with even after 12 years of serving cats like Marley. These kitties are worth all the time, for there is no greater gift than when a cat trusts you enough to share its true nature and watch them blossom.

    1. I agree with Ms. Phoebe’s Mum here. If your human take down her crate it might very well backfire. So please let her have her own space for as long as she need it. I think that is the best way to make her feel safe. <3

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