The Sad Story of Tiger Tim

I know that you kind humans know that when you bring a feline into your home, it is for life. You do not just give up a cat because you grow tired of the cat, or other silly things. Cats should only be surrendered as a last circumstance. I am glad the human feels this way, because if he was like the irresponsible human who shared their home with Tiger Tim, he would not have kept a diabetic cat like me.

Tiger Tim, you see, was surrendered because his human got a new sofa. Now, I can understand that humans do not like claw marks on their furniture. And I can tell you that the human has had a sofa for as long as I have lived with him. And there are no claw marks on there.

Tiger Tim Was Dumped Because of a New Sofa
Tiger Tim Was Dumped Because of a New Sofa

But the irresponsible human who was supposed to give Tiger Tim a home for life decided that their precious sofa was worth more than a feline’s life. Tiger Tim was surrendered to a shelter, and the disgusting human walked away even though the feline was crying and asking to go home.

He was taken in as a kitten of only three months, and he is now seven years old. His former human, who is not worthy of him, said that he was affectionate, well behaved, and a good cat. He waited at the door and was very happy to see this unworthy human when they came home.

But he was dumped for a sofa. An inanimate piece of leather or cloth stuffed with cushioning material.

And now Tiger Tim is sick. His condition is deteriorating. The humans in white coats are working very hard to help him improve but Tiger Tim refuses to eat, and he is being force fed to keep him alive.

I am hopeful that Tiger Tim pulls through and goes to a home that is worthy of him. But I am very angry that my fellow feline was dumped.

For a stupid sofa.

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