The Human Is Away

Good morning, kind humans. The human is away today and he will get back to us tonight. That means another human must come to give me my insulin shot and noms and to clean the litter box. This human had some funny observations about us three felines.

This Was My Reaction to What a Visiting Human Said
This Was My Reaction to What a Visiting Human Said

The visiting human said that I was an unusual cat. Well, of course I am. But they said that it was strange how I refused to be pet or to play or to even nom until I got my insulin shot. Instead, I just walked around, looking at the plants and the other felines in the house until I got my shot. When I got my shot, then I went and nommed and then asked for attention.

Jacey, according to this human, resembles our human. I guess it is not surprising that this is the case. She is extremely tightly bonded to the human. Every day, she will hop onto the bed, snuggle right next to him, and then, if his hand is out, she wraps her paws around his hand. And if he moves his hand, she will move to make sure she can access it. The human often wakes up with a very warm hand that has lots of fur on it.

The visiting human also said that Marley is very sweet. Marley talked to this human, and asked for attention and petting. And when it came, Marley was very happy. I do not know why Marley is such a strange cat. She loves attention from humans, but from other felines, she hates it!

Jacey Entertained Our Visiting Human by Doing This
Jacey Entertained Our Visiting Human by Doing This

Jacey also showed off her antics to the human who came to give me shots. She was running all over the place, talking, and she was more interested in playing than in being pet. That is not a surprise for her. But when she did talk, the visiting human says she almost sounded like a human talking!

When the human gets home tonight, we will of course greet him with lots of love. But it was fun to have a visitor, especially one who made such interesting observations about us!

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