Child Saves Cat From Street

Furiends, many felines do not have a home and a human who cares for them like Jacey, Marley, and I do. Some of them must fend for themselves on the streets. And if these felines are not pleasing to the eye, many humans, even kind ones, will ignore them.

That is the life that Gulumser, which means she who always smiles in Turkish, was living. You see, Gulumser, in addition to being a street cat, was not a pretty cat. This special needs cat had deformities that kept her from looking as good as most cats do.

Special Needs Cat Gulumser when she was rescued
Gulumser When She Was Rescued

This meant that she was ignored, despite her please for help, for many days. Then, a seven year old girl came along and saw past the deformed body of Gulumser and saved the special needs cat.

The girl rushed Gulumser home, and she and her father took the cat to the humans in white coats. They saw that Gulumser needed lots of care, and they went right to work. First, they treated her for the mites that had infested her. And then the humans in white coats performed surgery to repair the deformities that Gulumser had.

It was not a quick process, but through it all, Gulusmer’s human furiend, who had seen past the unattractive features and saw a loving feline in need of help, was with her all the way. Eventually, this special needs cat recovered from the surgery and her rough start to turn into a unusual looking but loving cat.

Special Needs Cat Gulumser After Treatment
Gulumser After Treatment

This story may give you leaky eyes, my furiends. It shows that sometimes, all that is needed for a life to be saved is for someone to care. I am glad that a small human saw through the rough looks of a special needs cat she saw on the street and decided to help.

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