Cat Rescued After Eight Days

Yesterday, I shared with you the story of Moosie, who survived being in a moving container for more than two months. Today, I will share with you another story of a feline who was stuck for an extended period of time. It was not as long as Moosie’s ordeal, lasting only a week. But it was still a long time to be stuck!

Honey Was Stuck In a Tree for Eight Days
Honey Was Stuck In a Tree for Eight Days

Honey, a black and white feline, managed to wriggle her way out of a crawl space in her home and went to explore the outside. Then she worked her way up a tree and got stuck.

Honey’s human tried many things to get her feline back down. She called to Honey. She put yummy noms outside. She called firefighters, the utility company, and code enforcement. Nobody could help with the cat rescue that was needed.

And poor Honey had to endure a storm, with lots of wet things falling from the sky. She was stuck up in the tree for eight days until two humans who did know know her human carried out a cat rescue.

At first, these humans thought it would be a relatively easy cat rescue. They climbed the tree to get to Honey. But that did not work. Honey, you see, was a scared cat. Two humans she did not know coming to approach her? She decided she did not want to let them get too close to her, and she climbed higher.

This made the cat rescue more difficult. The next option was to cut down the tree. Honey’s human gave these kind humans permission to cut down the tree, and about an hour and a half later, Honey was back on solid ground.

Not surprisingly, after eight days in a tree without noms or water, Honey is nomming and drinking a lot. I do not think her human minds having to clean the litter box more often than normal because of this.

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