Oregon Feline Needs Help

Furiends, I learned about a feline desperately in need of help from my good furiend Lucky. Lucky is such an inspiration for all special needs cats — no, all cats, period. Now that he has a furever home where he is loved, he works very hard to make sure that he helps as many cat rescue groups and felines as possible. He has not forgotten where he came from!

He told me about a feline in Oregon who is in desperate need of help, and I want to share that story with you. This feline was cared for by an older human. But that human left us, and when they left, this poor feline did not receive the care that she needed.

She also has been injured, and she cannot walk very well. Instead, she uses her front elbows to help her walk. Complicating things even more is that this poor feline has a kitten. That makes for a very difficult situation. She cannot defend herself well due to her injuries, and she must protect her tiny feline as best she can.

Mother Nursing Kittens
Mother Nursing Kittens

A kind human has been feeding this cat while preparing the home for an estate sale. This human cannot take the felines in because of restrictions on pets. I think those are silly, but you humans often must deal with silly rules! And after the estate sale goes through, they will no longer be able to make the 40 mile drive to care for the mother cat and her kitten.

A cat rescue group is desperately needed. Then the human who is caring for the felines now will gladly take them to a safe home. The felines are located in Vida, Oregon, and the human helping them is located in Eugene, Oregon. That is a long way to go, but this human does not mind making the trip one more time to get these cats to a cat rescue group.

A Cat Needs a Helping Hand
A Cat Needs a Helping Hand

I have heard from Lucky that many people have suggested cat rescue groups to take in these cats, but nothing has been finalized yet. I am hopeful that this will happen quickly, but share this story because this feline and her kitten need help desperately!

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