Meet Diabetic Cat Tigger

The kind humans at Diabetic Cats in Need continue to work very hard to find homes for felines like me, who have diabetes. This is a very committed and dedicated group of humans. They told me about a feline named Tigger who needs a home, and I will share his story with you. The human’s first cat was named Tigger, and he recently sent a feline with that name home from The Cat Cafe. Let’s hope we can do the same thing for this feline.

Tigger is a nine year old brown tabby who was surrendered at Algonquin Animal Hospital in Ontario, Canada. He was given up because his human was not able to properly care for his diabetes. The humans in white coats at the hospital decided that they would work to find a home for this diabetic cat.

Diabetic Cat Tigger Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Tigger Needs a Home

And why wouldn’t they? Tigger is a very friendly feline. He is very loving and easy going. He came from a home with one other cat, and is getting along with the felines in his foster¬†home as well as a canine. I hope that canine does not lick poor Tigger with its sloppy wet tongue!

In addition to being kind, he is a very fun cat. He has decided that he likes his wet noms, which is good for a diabetic cat. When he does not get enough wet noms, he shows the canine who is boss. He steals the canine’s noms! I guess that is revenge for the canine licking Tigger.

Tigger is not at risk of being put down, because he is in a foster home. But as good as a foster home is, a furever home is even better and that is what Tigger is looking for.

If you are the kind human who can care for a diabetic cat like Tigger and give him that furever home, please contact Algonquin Animal Hospital and tell them you are interested in Tigger. If you cannot, please share his story so that this fun brown tabby can find a good home.

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