From Street Cat To Loved Family

It is no fun being a diabetic cat, but I consider myself fortunate to have a human who can properly care for me and to have always been in a loving home. I have been with my human since I was a tiny little kitten, and I cannot remember a day where he did not care for me.

That is not how Benny was living. This poor feline was an abused street cat. One of his legs was broken in multiple places, probably by an evil human who abuses animals. Those cruel humans should be put in a cage with my big cat cousins to see what it feels like to be abused by a bigger, more powerful animal!

One day a kind human rescued Benny, but this human did not have the green paper things to properly care for him. They went to the humans in white coats, and surrendered Benny. A plan was put together to complete Benny’s cat rescue.

A local real estate office put out a box for funds to help with Benny’s care, and called it the Benny Box. After Benny was treated, he went to a cat rescue group and was placed in a foster home.

The abuse that Benny suffered caused him to hide at adoption events that the cat rescue group put together. After many events, he was deemed unadoptable.

Benny Is Happy In His Home
Benny Is Happy In His Home

Another kind human stepped in and adopted Benny from the cat rescue group. Benny was scared when he arrived, shaking in fear and hiding in his towel. He spent a week hiding in a rolled up rug, only coming out at night.

Benny was skittish but very sweet, never raising a paw or hissing or growling. When his human fostered a litter of tiny felines, Benny took to them like they were his kittens, grooming them like he was their mother. Benny finally had his family!

Benny’s human kept two of the tiny felines, and they romp around the home. He now rolls over for tummy rubs and spends his afternoons working on his fur tan. He is still far more skittish than me, Jacey, or Marley, and hides when unknown humans come over. But he is a happy and content feline. This former street cat has come a long way!

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