Cat Escapes Shelter to Go Home

When the human adopted me, he tried to put me into a cardboard box. I promptly escaped, and he had to get a carrier to take me home. But that escape by me as an eight week old kitten was nothing compared to what one cat did to return to his family.

Mr. Fancy Enjoying Noms
Mr. Fancy Enjoying Noms

A stray cat was found by a family’s canine, and the humans decided they would start to feed the feline. Every night for a full month, these humans fed the cat. Eventually, they decided that they would take the cat to a cat rescue facility because they felt it was the right thing to do.

The humans were very sad to do this. They even cried when they relinquished the stray cat they had been taking care of to the cat rescue. But they felt it was the best thing for the cat. After they surrendered him, they thought that this cat would find a good home through the cat rescue group.

You know we felines can be very stubborn and determined. And that is exactly what this feline was. He decided that he had found his family, and he was going to go back to them.

One day, the humans had a visitor. One of the humans was chatting and when another family member walked in to the room, they were stunned to see that the feline they had surrendered to the cat rescue was in the room, meowing away!

Mr. Fancy Relaxing
Mr. Fancy Relaxing

This cat, who has been renamed Mr. Fancy, escaped the cat rescue facility within 20 minutes of his surrender. It took a month for him to make his way back to the home of the humans who cared for him, but he was determined to do it.

Mr. Fancy wanted to show the humans who were kind to him that he appreciated their kindness, and it paid off. After his journey, the family knew he belonged with them. And now, he is a loved member of the family.

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