Help Diabetic Cat Garfield

Hello, my furiends! I am sorry I did not talk to you yesterday. You see, the catputer was being difficult. The website was working very slowly. That made me annoyed, and rather than let an annoyed feline swat him, the human told me to do something else.

Diabetic Cats in Need has shared another cat who needs some help, and I wanted to do my part. I have to support my fellow diabetic cat!

Garfield is a handsome fluffy boy, who is safe at Lost Paws Rescue in New Jersey. He was pulled from another shelter by Lost Paws when they suspected he was a diabetic cat, because that shelter could not provide him with the care he needed. This diagnosis was confirmed, and now he is being treated.

Like most diabetic cats, he must endure insulin shots. Garfield receives one unit of insulin twice a day.

Diabetic Cat Garfield Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Garfield Needs a Home

Garfield is a very sweet and outgoing cat. They suspect that he has some Maine Coon in him and he has the personality that they are famous for. He does not hide when humans he does not know come into his home, and he is very calm and laid back.

Garfield is a big boy as well. He does like to stretch out when he lies down, but unlike me, Jacey, and Marley, he does not seem to like to hop on top of things. Whoever takes Garfield to his furever home will not have to worry about him hopping on top of cabinets and opening them.

This fluffy orange boy gets along with other felines. He is not yet cuddling with them, but the humans at Lost Paws think my fellow diabetic cat will soon do so.

Are you interested in taking this sweet ginger boy into your home? If you are, please contact Lost Paws Rescue and let them know you are interested in Garfield. And if you cannot take him home, please share his story so that we can find another diabetic cat a home!

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