Tenth Life Partners with Cat Cafe

You know that I always have had a place in my heart for Tenth Life Cats. Maybe the most famous alumni from Tenth Life is Lincoln. He is an example of what happens when dedicated and caring humans like the ones at Tenth Life work very hard to care for felines. And as a special needs cat, I am so glad to see an organization that is devoted to caring for cats with challenging medical conditions.

Because the human spends a lot of time working at The Cat Cafe, I also like these. He works very hard to make sure felines find good homes, and he sometimes gets very attached to these felines. I have seen him come home with leaky eyes when ones he has grown attached to go to their furever home.

Mauhaus Cat Cafe and Tenth Life are Teaming Up
Mauhaus Cat Cafe and Tenth Life are Teaming Up

This is why I am so happy to have learned that Tenth Life is going to work with the cat cafe that is opening in St. Louis, Mauhaus! When Mauhaus opens next year, felines from Tenth Life will mingle with humans who love cats. Hopefully, when these humans spend time with the adoptable cats,they will fall in love with them and give them a furever home!

And there is a lot of interest in this cat cafe. Tenth Life and Mauhaus kicked off their partnership with a special event, where humans could sample coffee, tea, and goodies from Mauhaus while enjoying the company of the felines at Tenth Life.

This event was very quickly sold out, and the response was so strong that Tenth Life and Mauhaus are going to hold more events like it!

Furiends, this is very good news. I am glad to see Tenth Life working with Mauhaus to find homes for felines in St. Louis. I hope that many felines find homes through them and that we soon find many cat cafes throughout the country!

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