August 2 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I hope that you have a fun weekend. I think that being around us felines so much is making the human become more like us. He fell asleep yesterday while watching the glass with moving pictures. Jacey and I decided that would be a good time to sit on him. He woke up to Jacey kneading his chest and me on his lap. It was quite funny!

Fun for Cats!
Fun for Cats!

Since it is a new week, it is time for me to update you on my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 244, which was a lot higher than they average last week. Those blood sugar readings averaged 199.

Obviously, we do not like what happened with the readings this week. We saw some really high numbers and we do not know why they were so high. The dosing was the same, the noms I am eating were the same, but they were still too high.

Even with the higher average, though, we are still below a level where over the long term, my diabetes will cause problems. That is good news, but the human and I want to get my blood sugar readings to be lower. Then we can call them well managed.

The human and I will continue to keep my dosing levels and my nom amount steady for a while. We will see if over time, it gets us where we want to be. If not, then we will have to increase the insulin level a little.

Do not be discouraged about my blood sugar readings, my furiends. I am going to continue to work to get them under control, and with the work of the human, I know that we will. And remember, I am a happy and playful cat so I am enjoying my life, regardless of what my blood sugar readings are!

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