Glenn Coco Saved at Age 22

I am sure you know that every day, many humans surrender their felines to cat rescue groups. Sometimes, this is a situation that causes them to be heartbroken, but there may be life changes that make it impossible for them to properly care for their feline. And sometimes, the reason is a stupid one, like getting a new sofa.

Glenn Coco Was Surrendered to a Shelter
Glenn Coco Was Surrendered to a Shelter

This is what happened to Glenn Coco. He was surrendered to¬†Humane Society for Hamilton County. We do not know why he was surrendered, or whether his humans were responsible. What makes Glenn Coco’s case different than the thousands of felines surrendered to cat rescue groups is that he is 22 years old.

The average lifespan for an indoor only cat is 15 years, so Glenn Coco is doing very well to be a healthy and playful cat at 22. But this also means that it was going to be much more difficult for the cat rescue group to find him a good home. After all, a feline who is 22 definitely has many more yesterdays than tomorrows. Would a kind human take a chance on him?

22 Year Old Glenn Coco
22 Year Old Glenn Coco

My good furiend Lucky learned about this story and he shared it. I am so proud of Lucky, working to help other felines find loving homes like the one he has. And his thousands of fans worked to find a kind human who would pull Glenn Coco from the shelter.

I am very happy to tell you that this worked, and Glenn Coco found a home in just a few days! This is very good work on the part of Humane Society for Hamilton County, Lucky, and the many humans who cared about a feline they did not know enough to work hard so that he could find a home.

Now Glenn Coco will be able to spend the rest of his days in a home with humans who love him instead of a shelter. And that, my furiends, is a very happy cat rescue story!

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