Good News for a Rescue Cat

It is not fun being a diabetic cat. Ever since I was diagnosed as one, I have had to endure insulin shots twice a day and blood sugar testing. That is no fun, but it is needed in order to make sure I stay healthy.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be diagnosed as a diabetic cat if you are actually not? Well, that is what happened to a feline that was surrendered to a high kill facility. She was diagnosed as diabetic, and her humans could not properly care for her. Thankfully, Diabetic Cats in Need pulled her from that facility.

Tinkerbell Was Saved by Diabetic Cats in Need
Tinkerbell Was Saved by Diabetic Cats in Need

Tinkerbell, as this cat is known, went to a foster home for Diabetic Cats in Need and then she was taken to another foster home for Animal Outreach. Since then, despite the stress of moving to two different foster homes and being surrendered, her highest blood sugar level was 94. This means she is not a diabetic cat!

Diabetic Cats in Need has been unable to contact the humans in white coats who diagnosed Tinkerbell as a diabetic cat. They think her blood sugar levels may have been elevated because of a urinary tract infection she was suffering from at the time of her diagnosis.

Initially, Tinkerbell is a shy feline, but she warms up after a few days. Her foster human says that Tinkerbell is “very affectionate” and “purrs up a storm” when she is pet or brushed. Tinkerbell may not be a diabetic cat, but she sure is a sweet one.

It has only been a few days, but Tinkerbell does not appear to like other felines. She spends her days on top of the toilet tank (it’s cooler on top of that because of the water) or in a cabinet. When she sees other felines, she hisses at them. She may be best as an only cat.

Hopefully, Tinkerbell will get some more good news. First, she learned she was not a diabetic cat. And hopefully, she will learn that she is going to a furever home! If you can give her one, please contact Diabetic Cats in Need. And if you cannot, please share her story.

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