From Stray Cat to Office Cat

Cats who live outside do not have an easy life. They do not know where their noms and water are coming from. They are at risk of becoming prey of wild animals who are larger than them. And then there are cruel humans who may abuse them. It is a tough life for sure.

For a tiny feline in Texas, that is the life he was living until he wandered into the right place. He wandered into a place where the humans were thinking of having an office cat. Since that was on their mind anyway, they decided that this tiny feline would become that office cat.

This feline was given the name Blade, after the blades of grass that he was covered in when he first came to the humans he now lives with. He also was flea infested, and needed to go the humans in white coats to be treated for that. But now, Blade is a happy and playful cat who loves his home.

Blade the Office Cat (courtesy of Catster)
Blade the Office Cat (courtesy of

The set up for this office cat is better than what many humans get. Blade has his own room, where his litter box, water, and noms are. He also has two beds and lots of toys to to play with. The human tells me that many humans do not have such nice things at work.

The humans working in the office take turns making sure that Blade is cared for. And he returns their affection and attention by giving them head bonks, purrs, and occasionally sleeping on their desks.

Blade the Office Cat Hard at Work (courtesy of
Blade the Office Cat Hard at Work (courtesy of

Blade is a fortunate feline. He went from likely living a short and difficult life as a stray cat to living a happy one with many humans who love him as an office cat. Hopefully many humans will see this story and they will get an office cat of their own!

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