Sassie Celebrates Adoptaversary

My good furiend Lucky is a kind special needs cat who has not forgotten where he came from. After finding a furever home, he could have easily enjoyed the care of kind humans and stop trying to help other felines. But he did not, and he and his human are tireless advocates for animal welfare.

One of the things that Lucky and his human did is to take in a feline who went to the humans in white coats for a routine check only to find that she had an inoperable mass in her abdomen. The humans in white coats thought that this would take this kind feline, who is named Sassie, from us.

Fortunately, Sassie, who has a very cute heart on her nose, was tougher than the disease. And now, she is celebrating her one year adoptaversary!

Sassie plays like a kitten with her family, both human and feline. She takes the best spot on the bed and snuggles with and purrs with her humans. And she enjoys attacking toy mice and working on her fur tan.

Special Needs Cat Sassie is Celebrating her One Year Adoptaversary
Sassie is Celebrating her One Year Adoptaversary

I am very happy that one special needs cat, Lucky, has been so furiendly with another cat that was suspected to be a special needs cat, Sassie. I am so happy they are enjoying their time together and that it will be for a lot longer than initially expected.

After all, we special needs cats need to stick together! Even though Sassie isn’t one anymore, I am very happy for her and her family, both feline and human.

Speaking of family, furiends, the Marley fundraiser is still going on. Jacey, the human and I are all grateful for the 12 humans who have contributed to help cover her final expenses. If there are some of you who think you cannot give enough, please know that any contribution, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

The Marley tree is growing nicely in its new spot, and I am hopeful that you kind humans will help her fundraiser reach its goal.

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