Diabetic Cat Maui Needs a Home

My good furiend Lucky is constantly working to help other felines who need help. He has not forgotten where he came from and he remembers what it was like to be a cat on the streets. Now, even with another former rescue cat, Sassie, joining him, he is trying to find a home for a diabetic cat.

Lucky and Sassie are alumni of the Homeless Animals Rescue Team. Another feline, Maui, was also adopted and it was looking like he was going to be another happy alumni of that cat rescue group. Sadly, things changed for Maui and he had to go back to HART.

Diabetic Cat Maui Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Maui Needs a Home

Maui was adopted even though the humans taking him home knew he was a diabetic cat. They are very kind humans to take on a feline with this disease, because it requires much more work than is normal for most cats. Before I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, the human would put noms out twice a day, make sure my water dish was full, and clean the litter box.

That all changed when I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. Then it became necessary to give me insulin shots twice a day and to monitor my blood sugar levels.

Now, these humans are moving across the world to Australia. Humans who bring felines to this part of the world are required to put their cats in quarantine for six months. That, combined with a medical condition that requires twice daily treatment, compelled them to make the difficult decision to return Maui to HART.

Maui is a very sweet feline who loves his humans and gets along with other cats. Lucky and Sassie are helping HART find him a new home, and I wanted to add my voice to those trying. You can help, too, by sharing Maui’s story so that someone who is interested in him can give him the home he deserves!

Maybe that is you. If you want to bring a diabetic cat into your home, please contact HART.


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