College Student Saves Cat

The human tells me that when you humans go to a place called college to get more education, you are typically poor and do not have the green paper things needed to care for felines.  That is what was going on with the human in this story.

This human was in their junior year of college, and they did not have many green paper things. They were living with two roommates, working part time, and attending classes. Still it was difficult for this human to have enough green paper things to handle caring for themselves, much less a feline. A cat rescue was the last thing on their mind.

But one day, all of that changed. A friend of this human called, saying that they had heard a kitten meowing outside of their home for many days and that they were finally able to capture the tiny feline. Unfortunately, there was an allergic human in the home, so the tiny feline could not stay there.

Having grown up with animals their entire life, the human who would end up adopting the tiny feline could not turn down this feline who needed help. Reluctantly, they agreed to bring the feline home to continue the cat rescue. But they insisted that it be placed with another human who could care for it.

Scout's Happy Cat Rescue Story

The poor tiny feline did not care. She was scared of humans, and very hungry and thirsty. The humans gave her the name Scout and helped nurse her back to health. A visit to the humans in white coats revealed that other than being hungry and thirsty, Scout was in good health.

It also did not take long for Scout to convince the once skeptical human that they belonged together. Now Scout lives with this human, and the bond is very strong. Scout gets very happy when her human comes home, and she plays fetch better than many canines!

Her human is very happy that she opened her heart and home to Scout because they cannot imagine life without her. Scout’s story shows that even a human who carries out a cat rescue reluctantly can fall in love with the feline they rescue.

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