Jacey Wants to Talk to You

Hi, everyone, Jacey insists on talking to you this morning. That is not a surprise, because she always wants to talk. But today, the human and I will let her tell you about stories you may have missed.

Bagheera The Diabetic Cat's Furiend Jacey

Hello! It is Jacey. I do not know why the human and Bagheera say I like to talk too much. I just want to play and have fun and I enjoy talking to the human and Bagheera. That is why I do it. I like to do it and it is fun!

I will share with you some fun stories and tell you more about what is happening with the Marley fund.

First, I want to tell you about two diabetic cats who need homes. Because Bagheera is a diabetic cat, I pay more attention to diabetic cats than I used to. It used to be I did not know that cats could be diabetic, but then I learned a lot about it by watching my brofur deal with this disease.

The first diabetic cat I want to tell you about is named Eugenia. She has a very unusual condition. Most diabetic cats develop the disease later in life. Eugenia was born with it. The kind humans at Operation PAW are trying to place her with a small human who is fighting the same disease.

Next, I want to share with you two felines, one diabetic, and one who is not, that are looking for a furever home. They are in Canada, and they are being cared for by the humans in white coats. While they are safe, they should go to a good foster home or a furever home. Charlie is the diabetic cat, and Essie is his non-diabetic sisfur.

Marley Waving
Marley Waving

Now on to the Marley fund. Furiends, we have raised some green paper things, but we are not quite where we want to be. We are about 40 percent of the way to where we want to be. I am hopeful that we can help the human cover the expenses for the last medical treatments that Marley received.

Well, that is all from me today, furiends. I hope that Bagheera and the human let me talk to you again soon!

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