Say Hi to Diabetic Cat Garfield

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to share with you the story of a fellow diabetic cat. Because I battle this disease, whenever I learn of a fellow sugar cat who needs a home, I tell you so that hopefully, we can share their story and a kind human will give them a home.

Today I learned from Diabetic Cats in Need about one of my fellow sugar cats. His name is Garfield. This feline was surrendered to a shelter, and when it was learned that he had diabetes, Lost Paws Animal Rescue pulled him because they knew it was likely he would be euthanized.

Diabetic Cat Garfield Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Garfield Needs a Home

It would be a shame if this five year old feline had been put down, because he is a handsome and playful cat. It is suspected that he is part Maine Coon, and he definitely has aspects of their personality. He does not hide when humans he does not know come to the home. Like most Maine Coons, Garfield is a big boy. He also enjoys stretching out when he relaxes.

One thing Garfield does not like to do is hop on things. He is not a vertical cat, and he does not like to get on tables or shelves. This is good, furiends, because he is so big that he might accidentally knock things down if he did!

For such a big diabetic cat, Garfield does not need much insulin! He only requires one unit of insulin twice a day. I was excited when my dose dropped to four units, so one unit per dose is something I cannot even imagine!

Garfield gets along with other cats well, but he seems to prefer you two legged creatures. That means that even if you have another feline, he will be happier with you! This is quite the compliment from a feline and it will make whoever adopts my fellow diabetic cat very happy.

If you are interested in giving Garfield a home, please contact Lost Paws. If you cannot give him a home, please share his story.

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