September 21 Blood Sugar Levels

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. Before I do that, I will tell you something funny about the human. Jacey and I took a look at him and complained about how he needed to clean himself when he got home. It seems that he had to replace a tire and he was very dirty and sweaty when he got home!

The Human Made Jacey and Me Do This
The Human Made Jacey and Me Do This

We laughed at him and told him that he should have just used his huge tongue to clean himself. He shook his head and went to the sink to wash his arms off.

If that was me, it likely would have elevated my blood sugar levels due to the stress. That did not happen to me this week, because it was a fun week. Well, except for Jacey ambushing me, that is.

My blood sugar readings this week were a little higher than last week. They averaged 192, and the week before they averaged 178. Now, this is not a very bad blood sugar reading, but it is closer to the 200 level we want to keep my glucose levels below.

What I like about these readings compared to some of the ones we have seen in the past is that we do not seem to be taking the crazy roller coaster ride. You will remember that there were times that I had blood sugar levels so low that the human was worried. Then we would see a big spike in my readings.

We did not see that this week. There were some blood sugar levels that were higher than we like, but that is okay because they declined to safer levels fairly quickly.

Those kinds of situations are acceptable. It just means the human must keep a close eye on my blood sugar readings and that I must endure ear sticks. But I will tolerate those because that is what diabetic cats must do.

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