Skye Is Looking For a Good Home

My good furiend Lucky has not forgotten where he came from. As a former street cat without a human to care for him, he knows how hard it can be for felines on the street. And that is why he is an advocate for other felines.

He shared the story of Skye with me, and I wanted to make sure you learned about it. Skye, like Lucky, was living outside without humans to care for her. Some humans found her at a high school, and they took her to the shelter, hoping to be part of a happy cat rescue. This particular shelter had just suffered through a very dangerous outbreak that required all the felines there to be euthanized.

Cat Rescue Group Homeless Animals Rescue Team Saved Skye
Skye with Her Foster Canine Brofur

In addition to this outbreak, Skye’s age worked against her. She was only around four weeks old, and the shelter did not have the facilities to care for a tiny feline like her around the clock.

This situation, my furiends, is sadly not unique. I am fortunate to live near one of the few around the clock kitten nurseries in the country, where tiny felines like Skye can get the noms they require all day and all night

Fortunately for both the humans who wanted to help Skye as well as this tiny feline, another kind human was in the right spot to make sure everyone got what they wanted. She knew she could not keep Skye herself, but she contacted another human who could help.

Eventually, Skye found herself joining Lucky as another feline helped by Homeless Animals Rescue Team. She is still recovering from her time outside where she didn’t get the care she needed. But she is with a cat rescue group that will work very hard to make sure she has the chance to thrive.

She even found through this cat rescue group a canine furiend to snuggle with. That is a good outcome for a tiny feline who was close to being euthanized!

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