Freida Needs Healing Thoughts

One of the very brave special needs cats that I keep up to date on is Freida, the Throw Away Kitty. This poor feline was tossed into a ditch a long way away from anywhere, and left to die. Fortunately for her, a kind human came upon her, and took her to Forgotten Felines of Maine. Here, she was treated and nursed back to health.

Recently, like me, Freida suffered some health problems. Unlike me, though, the humans in white coats were unable to diagnose her condition. It is a difficult situation for a special needs cat in the first place, but when there are additional complications, it can become very challenging.

Special Needs Cat Freida is Sick
Special Needs Cat Freida is Sick

Freida will need an ultrasound like I had. Then, after the humans in white coats see what the ultrasound indicates, she will need to have ultrasound guided biopsies. This is the only way for the white coated humans to determine what my fellow special needs cat is fighting and what needs to be done to treat it.

I do not have to tell you that these tests will cost many green paper things. It is expensive enough to care for a special needs cat like me or Freida. When we must visit the white coated humans, it becomes even more expensive.

Forgotten Felines of Maine is asking for your help in covering the expenses that Freida has incurred. I know that many of you do not have many green paper things to spare, but hopefully you can spare a few. And if you cannot, please share Freida’s story.

This special needs cat has come such a long way. It would be a shame for her humans to not be able to learn what is causing her to be sick so that they can help cure it. Hopefully, this will happen soon and she will recover!

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