Maybelline Needs a Home Fast

I am always looking for ways to help my fellow diabetic cats. I learned of a diabetic cat who lives near where I used to, and I wanted to share her story with you so that we can find her a home.

Maybelline is a 12 year old girl who developed diabetes and her human is unable to give her the insulin shots she requires every 12 hours. Her human’s work schedule makes it very difficult to do this. That is why her story is being shared by Diabetic Cats in Need in hopes that we can find Maybelline a home.

Diabetic Cat Maybelline Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Maybelline Needs a Home

Do not judge her human. They are doing what they think is best for Maybelline. It is sad that they must let her go, but if they cannot commit to giving their diabetic cat insulin shots every 12 hours, it is best to find a home where she can get this care.

Other than her diabetes, Maybelline is a healthy and friendly girl. She gets along with canines, and sometimes will play and even sleep with them even though their wet tongues are very annoying. Maybelline also likes to sit with her human on the couch or bed, and enjoys being pet.

Even though being a diabetic cat sometimes results in accidents because there is so much urine in our bladder, Maybelline has never had a litter box accident. And she will not tear up the furniture, because she loves to attack her scratching post.

About the only bad thing you can say about Maybelline is that she does not like to be picked up or held. But most of us felines do not like this. Jacey and I love the human but we will squirm away from him if he picks us up!

Can you help Maybelline find a good home? If you can, please contact her human by email. While she lives in the Washington DC area, transport can be arranged.

Let’s help Maybelline find a home, furiends. Share her story!

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