Spirit Is Helping Many Felines

I always love my fellow special needs cats. We need to stick together because there are not as many of us as there are other felines. There is one feline named Spirit. He cannot see, but there is nothing wrong with his ability to love and to help other felines. What he and his human are doing is truly wonderful.

There are a dozen felines who they are looking to help. These felines need to go to the humans in white coats for surgery, which requires many green paper things. On top of this, they need to send some felines to the white coated humans for booster shots. And there is the need for noms, litter, and flea treatment.

Special Needs Cat Spirit Saying Hello
Special Needs Cat Spirit Saying Hello

I am proud to say that my fellow special needs cat will be highlighted on the page of another special needs cat. Justin was set on fire by an evil human, but he showed that as a tiny feline, he was stronger and tougher than the cruel human who tortured him. Justin has recovered and he is now a very vocal advocate for special needs cats and against animal cruelty.

This will help Spirit’s human with all of the green paper things that are required to help treat all the felines and care for the ones who do not need surgery.

Spirit Showing His Support for the Humans in Paris
Spirit Showing His Support for the Humans in Paris

I am glad his human is getting so much help. You see, this is a human who is so dedicated to helping felines that she will travel over 1,000 miles to bring some felines to a human who will take them in and care for them.

It is good to know that there are kind humans who will do this. I am glad that Spirit, his human, and the felines who they are caring for are getting the help they need!

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    1. That is very kind of you to say. I will not tell the human this because he should always think that I am one step away from giving him a hard swat. But I think he knows that even though I can be mean to him, I love him.

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