November 22 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. The human tells me that he may be coming back home with a treat for me and Jacey. Apparently many kind humans from a home improvement store showed other humans how to build cat trees. When Jacey and I heard about this, we demanded one so the human says he will make us one.

This will be good because it will be a place for us to relax in and work on our fur tans. That is always good. But we are concerned. The human tells us that if this goes well, he will build more things. That is not always pleasant, because the human makes a lot of noise when that happens!

Will the Human Build Me Something Like This?
Will the Human Build Me Something Like This?insulin

Hopefully he will not make enough noise to affect my blood sugar readings, because this week, they were higher than we like. They averaged 203 for the week, which is not much higher than the 194 we saw last week. The problem, though, is that we like to see my blood sugar readings average under 200.

Another concern for the human was that there were times where I was hypoglycemic. I did not show any signs of distress, and I went and nommed right away. Then my blood sugar spiked, which is also not surprising since I cannot get insulin if my blood sugar levels are too low. But that is still not good!

The human was worried about me, but I reassured him by giving him sandpaper kisses, head bonks, and purred very loudly after I ate my noms. He did not like the sandpaper kisses coming right after I had nommed, because he does not understand why Jacey and I love the smell of cat food.

But he was happy because I was okay and showed him that I was happy. And that is all he wanted to see when he saw those low blood sugar readings.

Well, furiends, I am off to work on my fur tan. Let’s hope I have a new cat tree to do that in soon!

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