November 29 Blood Sugar Readings

Well, it is that time again. It is time for me to tell you all about my blood sugar readings. First, though, I will share with you a funny video featuring one of my fellow bengal cats “helping” with the laundry.

Jacey and I help the human with his laundry as well. What we like to do is to wait until he takes it out of the dryer and puts it on the bed so he can fold it. Then we hop on it because it is nice and warm. Plus, we have to get our scent on it.

The human does not like this, and he gets annoyed at us. We do not understand why he does not want our scent on his clothes. It shows the world the we are his felines and he is our human!

It was quite chilly during the last week, so Jacey and I were very happy to help with the laundry! A nice warm pile of laundry is something to take the chill off.

I would like to take the edge off my blood sugar readings. They were not good this week, furiends. They went up quite a bit, all the way up to 224, from the 203 we saw last week. We are getting down to the end of the insulin bottle, which might have something to do with it. Also, there were some instances where my blood sugar readings were just too low to risk getting insulin, so the human did not give me any. Those were followed by a big spike in my glucose levels.

If this trend continues, the human will speak with the humans in white coats. But if it does not and things get better, then we will not have to do that. We are hopeful that I do not have to take another trip to the white coated humans!

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