Tripod Cat Needs a Home

You know that I like to highlight special needs cats who are looking for homes. Today, I want to share with you the story of Lazarus. As you can see from his picture, Lazarus is a very handsome boy. He does not look as good as me, of course, but he does look good.

What makes Lazarus a special needs cat like me? Well, he was injured badly when he was hit by a car. But Lazarus is a tough cat. He survived, and his badly injured leg and shoulder healed on its own. He was able to get around just fine on his three healthy legs. But because the deformed leg was not useful, one of the humans in white coats recommended that it be amputated.

Special Needs Cat Lazarus Is Looking for a Home
Special Needs Cat Lazarus Is Looking for a Home

Lazarus recovered from the surgery in a foster home, and he is healthy and can do anything a four legged cat can. He has a muscular build and can jump and run just like any other feline. He loves to play with toys and gets along well with both felines and canines, even though the canines probably annoy him with their sloppy wet tongues.

My fellow special needs cat will turn six soon. He is a healthy cat who is up to date on his vaccinations. One of his favorite things to do is to hop up onto the lap of humans he loves and knead with his three paws while receiving lots of love from his humans.

It would be wonderful if this special needs cat finds a home for Christmas! He will definitely have a very merry Catmas if that happens.

If you want to take Lazarus home, you can contact the kind humans at Cinderella Pet Rescue. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page.

Please share his story so we can see if we can send special needs cat Lazarus to a good home!

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