Refugees Reunited with Cat

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to have to flee your home and leave everything you have known behind due to many humans shooting at each other. This is what happened to a family living in war torn Syria. They fled from Syria to Lesbos, Greece. One thing they took with them was their beloved tabby cat, named Zaytouna.

Zaytouna Being Held on His Trip to Safety
Zaytouna Being Held on His Trip to Safety

These humans did not even have a carrier to put their feline in. Instead, during the entire trip, one human held Zaytouna to their chest for the entire boat ride. When they reached the shore, they celebrated, but they also made sure that they calmed Zaytouna.

These humans carried Zaytouna in a sling they crafted for weeks as they made their way from Greece to Germany. When they arrived in Germany, Zaytouna, which is Arabic for Olive, was put in quarantine. These humans did not know where their beloved feline was going or when they would get her back.

One day, these humans received a visitor from the government. It was a white coated human, with Zaytouna. She was three months older, but she was very happy to be reunited with her humans and they were ecstatic.

Zaytouna Reunited with Her Humans
Zaytouna Reunited with Her Humans

“She is healthy and with us and I haven’t felt this happy in a long time,” said one of Zaytouna’s humans.

Zaytouna showed how happy she was to be reunited with her humans in her own way. “The first thing she did is come crawl in bed with us. She remembers her name. She is with her family!”

Furiends, I am very happy that these humans cared enough to make sure they took their feline with them when they left their war torn country behind. And I am even happier that she is now living with them once again in a much safer environment.

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