A Special Senior Cat Goes Home

A senior special needs cat has many things working against them when it comes to getting them a home. First, senior felines are hard to adopt, as many humans go for kittens first, then young adults, and only later do they consider senior felines. And then the condition that makes them a special needs cat is another challenge.

This is why I am very happy that the human was able to adopt out a senior special needs feline at The Cat Cafe.

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Pushy is a handsome, active, and smart feline who is 11 years old. When the human told me about why Pushy was surrendered, both he and I shook our heads in disgust. Pushy was surrendered because he was being mistreated by his human’s roommate. Both the human and I thought that mistreating a feline would be grounds for evicting the roommate doing it. Sadly, Pushy’s human chose to evict the wrong resident!

Pushy made a very good impression with the humans who visited The Cat Cafe. And one human was so impressed with him that they paid for Pushy’s adoption fees so that another human could take Pushy home at no charge!

It did not take too long for someone to take advantage of this. A family came in to see another feline and possibly adopt him, but they all fell in love with Pushy. They visited other adoption facilities, and they decided that Pushy was the right feline for them.

Special Needs Cat Pushy Being Adopted
Pushy Being Adopted

Yesterday, they made it official and adopted Pushy. And Pushy seemed to know that he was going to a good home, because he did not even fight when he was put into the crate!

These kind humans know that Pushy will require medication or treatment to take care of his hyperthyroidism. They know he is an older feline.They know that a special needs cat requires more care.

And they chose to adopt Pushy anyway. This makes me happy and I decided to show the human I how happy I was by hopping on his chest and purring. I will not swat him for a while unless he really deserves it!

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