Diabetic Cat Bear Has Left Us

I bring you sad news, furiends. Recently, my fellow diabetic cat Bear left us. That is the second diabetic cat his human has lost in a few months. Remember pretty Sandy, who was renamed Sarjenka by the kind human who adopted her? Sarjenka left us around a month ago due to abdominal cancer. Bear and his human were devastated by this, and now sadly Bear has joined Sarjenka at the rainbow bridge.

Diabetic Cat Bear Has Left Us
Diabetic Cat Bear Has Left Us

Bear was with Diabetic Cats in Need starting in 2012, when his original family had to surrender him because they did not have the green paper things needed to care for a diabetic cat. First, Bear went to Fancy Cats Rescue Team but they felt it would be better if he went to a home with experience in caring for a diabetic cat. That is how he ended up in a Diabetic Cats in Need foster home.

Then Bear found a furever home in Northern California, and he has received nothing but love from his human since he arrived. This human cares a lot for diabetic cats, and informs us of diabetic cats who are in shelters and looking for homes.

The condition that took Bear away from us is called diabetic ketoacidosis. In this condition, due to the body breaking down fat and proteins in order to get energy, the level of ketones in the blood increases. That causes the blood to become acidic, and this is a very dangerous condition.

Treatment needs to be immediate, and even if it is received quickly, sometimes the condition is too much for even the best humans in white coats to correct. That is what happened to Bear. Despite the best efforts of humans in white coats and his human, his condition worsened and it was more humane to let him go than to have him suffer.

The efforts of his human to save Bear cost many green paper things. Diabetic Cats in Need is helping to raise funds to help pay Bear’s final costs. They are close to getting the green paper things they need and I hope that by sharing this story, I can help them get there.

Please help Bear’s human if you can and share his story if you cannot. His human has been through a lot, losing Sarjenka and then Bear. Let’s try to eliminate the financial loss!

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  1. Poor Bear! But I´m happy he had love around until the end! RIP beautiful Bear up at Rainbow Bridge where you will wait for mummy and daddy to come to pick you up again! <3 xxx

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