Family Finds Way to Help Ferals

Jacey and I are not happy because it has been raining a lot over the past few days. The human tells us that we need the rain, but Jacey and I still miss working on our fur tans. And we do not like it when we go out on the balcony and our paws get all wet because of the rain.

But we are reminded that we are fortunate, and many of our fellow felines must contend with much more. In Montreal, it is very cold.  With the windchill, it is -33 Celsius. I do not know how cold that is, but the human tells me that when there is a minus sign in front of a number, it is very cold.

More Noms Please Says This Feral Cat
More Noms Please Says This Feral Cat

Some feral cats were looking for a place to stay to get out of the wind and cold, and they found one in a human’s solarium. These felines ran away whenever the humans living there tried to approach, but they were grateful to get out of the wind. And the humans provided them with noms and water. Because of this, as long as the humans were on the other side of the solarium glass, the feral cats felt safe.

The humans were glad these felines were out of the wind, but because the solarium was not heated, the poor feral cats were still cold. I am sure they were grateful for what they had, but these humans did not think it was enough.

Two Feral Cats are Warm and Safe Thanks to Kind Humans
Two Feral Cats are Warm and Safe Thanks to Kind Humans

But then, the humans came up with an idea. They installed a heating lamp in the solarium to keep the felines warm. This lamp is similar to the ones that are installed outside restaurants to keep people waiting in line warm. And now, these felines have a place where they can stay out of the wind and enjoy some relief from the cold.

It is good to see these humans working hard to make sure that a few feral cats have a better winter!

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