Duke Diagnosed With Diabetes

I am sure you remember the story of Duke. He is a bengal cat who was found close to death, and it is very fortunate that the humans who chipped him cared enough to nurse him back to health.

His time on the streets had a lasting effect on Duke. He was dealing with pancreatitis, which is no fun. That is why he had to endure getting prednisone, which is no fun at all. He has gotten used to this, even though he does not like it. He has come a long way from a feline near death and now he is a playful and fun cat.

My Fellow Bengal Cat Duke is a Diabetic Cat
My Fellow Bengal Cat Duke is a Diabetic Cat

His human says that Duke is a happy and silly feline, who has gained a lot of confidence and is a lot less skittish. He is very comfortable and confident in his home now.

Duke Being Silly
Duke Being Silly

When Duke went to the humans in white coats for a checkup, they did an additional test to see if he is diabetic. And the bad news is that Duke and I now share more than being bengal cats. We are also diabetic cats.

Duke does not like to be held or poked. I do not blame him after all that he endured during his long and extensive recovery. But now, he will have to endure insulin shots and ear sticks for blood sugar testing.

His human is worried about this, but I tried to reassure them. I told them that I really did not mind the insulin injections, since the needle is very thin. From the very beginning, I did not even flinch!

The ear sticks for blood sugar testing I liked less, and I struggled initially when I got them. But I learned to tolerate them when I am nomming, and I am hopeful that Duke will learn to do this as well.

The humans in white coats have added insulin to the mix of drugs that Duke must take and they are reducing the levels of prednisone he will get. They are hopeful that Duke will be able to go into remission, where he does not need any more insulin shots.

But if he does, I am glad that my fellow bengal, and now fellow diabetic cat, has humans who will treat him and love him no matter what.

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