Blind Cat Spirit Needs Our Help

For some humans, helping a special needs cat is not enough. That is what is happening with a blind cat named Spirit’s human. This kind human has many felines who are available for adoption, and some of these cats are rare purebred felines. But nobody seems to want to adopt them.

Some of the Felines Available for Adoption from Spirit's Human
Some of the Felines Available for Adoption from Spirit’s Human

These felines were not treated well previously, but Spirit’s human has done a lot to help bring them back to health. Now they are ready for a good home, but there are not enough people who are opening their hearts and homes to these beautiful felines.

Some humans who said they were going to adopt from Spirit’s human backed out, and that made all of the felines and humans in the home very sad. But they are determined to help these felines find homes.

They are going to drive all the way from Texas to Cincinnati, and hope to meet people along the way who will adopt their felines. This is a long drive, and it shows how committed Spirit’s human is to finding a home for these cats.

Spirit’s human is hoping that along the way, they will be able to meet those who are interested in adopting one of their felines. And they have many beautiful felines available to adopt. You will need to complete the application process and you will need a veterinary reference, because they care very deeply about the felines they adopt.

A Feline Who Can Be Adopted From Spirit's Human
A Feline Who Can Be Adopted From Spirit’s Human

Furiends, this devotion to helping cats find homes is wonderful, What is even more amazing about the human behind this is that they are delaying treatment for cancer, because they cannot endure the treatment and go on this trip.

I am hopeful that by sharing the story of this long trip and this human’s dedication to helping felines, there will be some help for them. Hopefully, all of these felines will find homes and Spirit’s human will be able to get the medical treatment they need.

Please share this story as far and wide as you can. We should also send good thoughts both for the adoption journey and for Spirit’s human and their health.

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