A New Bengal In the Home

“Human, Jacey and I have something to say to you. We think that the bengal cat who you have brought in can stay.”

“That is good news, Bagheera. I noticed that you were rubbing noses with him the other day. Jacey, I am not so sure about. She has hissed at him a couple of times.”

“Human, that is because he got too close to me. I do not dislike him, but I am still a little wary about him. I am used to you and Bagheera, and I got used to Marley. But this is a new feline who I must get accustomed to. I am just telling him to give me some space.”

“Don’t worry, Jacey. He won’t try to hurt you. He’s a nice cat.”

Koji has Settled In
Koji has Settled In

Koji is a bengal cat who had been surrendered twice. The first time he was surrendered was because his human was going through a divorce and could not spend enough time with him. A bengal cat like me, Jacey, and Koji requires more attention than most cats, and it is good that this human knew it.

Then Koji went to a home with two canines, and other felines. The large canine loved to play with Koji, but the smaller canine was scared of him because he likes to play rough. The other felines could not keep up because they do not have the energy of a bengal cat.

When he was surrendered, it was noted that Koji needed to go to a home familiar with having a bengal cat in the home. And what better home than ours? The human has had three of us in here, and he knows what it means.

Koji is a Relaxed Bengal Cat
Koji is a Relaxed Bengal Cat

The introduction of Koji to Jacey and me went as well as you could hope for. We did growl and hiss at him a little, and there were a few swatting contests, but there were no real fights.

Jacey and I will do our best to make Koji feel comfortable in his new home. He has already started to show some of the behaviors that drive humans with bengal cats crazy. He managed to open a cabinet door, and scratched his way through the plastic bags that contained the human’s oatmeal. When the human went to get his oatmeal this morning, some of it spilled out on the counter. Jacey and I laughed, and Koji looked quite proud of himself.

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